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in this work Amir is fascinated by the possibilities of movement in art, its potential to create new and more interactive relationships with the viewer. He’s inspired by the Dutch kinetic artist “ Theo Jansen” who said that “The walls between art and engineering exist only in our minds.”  And later on he decided to build his own machine, to question the idea of flying and what makes people really want to fly?. There are different meanings of flying; it could be travelling or moving so quickly or even movement through the air and through studying the mechanism of flying he realized that flying is not just an act or a feeling but it’s a repeated process of movements and signals. Through his work he transforms a natural phenomenon into a mechanical mechanism using natural materials powered by engine.
The project is made of assembled pieces forming a wing, along with eight smaller frames as details of the main part. Amir is using natural materials in a mechanical form inspired by the motion of flying. The movement of the sculpture is emitting a machine sound contrasting with the original fluent motion of flying. 

Useless Machine: Projects
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