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The March

This work is one of a series of works that Question and analysis stories and events which occurred during my mandatory military service from 2016 until 2017.

These stories criticize, demonstrate and define the experience of an artist that happened to be serving in the army, getting to know the Army in depths, through many concepts, i.e. Special discipline, self-sufficiency of food products and human resources and the methods used in the creation of a generation of fighters. In that period, I met many people whom have carried carried super different culture and educational backgrounds from all over the country, when they knew I was an artist, they asked immediately if I’m good enough to draw them with some adjustments to make them look like superheroes and their role model, which was something that would really contradict with the real life.

We were trained daily-for all day long-on how to perform the military steps/march in coordination and discipline, those steps were the sounds that I hear most of the time throughout those days, and when the time comes for the night, I start to watch the area that I was guarding; a deserted area of an abandoned old park that contains a large “Ferris Wheel” that does not function.

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