Recasting the story


short stop motion film contains a number of randomly assigned scenes, while the receiver reacts with the work and begins to create his own story, The narratives are open-ended so people can complete the work through their own personal experiences.

The animation film was screened inside a wooden box This work is an inspiration of the Optical toys that were developed in the 19th Century and then these toys went out to the public framed in an old job named the “Pianola Guy” As it was a monopoly of the Greeks and some Italians only Alexandria, Port Said, Ismailia, Suez, and Cairo were famous for their presence Many of them.


The “Pianola” is a rectangular box in size and semi-individual wardrobe its color is black, decorated with much wooden decoration and in the middle is a picture in an oval frame on the right side, While on the left side a simple lift, the man chooses the piece of music he wants.

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